Saying It With Silver Letter Balloons

Imagine the look on your friend’s or loved one’s face when you spell out their name with beautiful silver letter balloons! It goes a step beyond banners or cut-out letters. It is a special way of saying what ever you need to say. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any gathering that needs a unique sign. What ever your sentiment, you can say it with balloons.Made of quality mylar and are easily inflated with helium. All you have to do is choose the letters you want, blow them up, and tie them to individual balloon weights. You can also tie them to posts or chairs. They come in different sizes, so you can use them for just about anything.

Are you hosting a special event at your home such as a party, garage sale, or open house? You can advertise right in your front yard. You can point the way to wedding showers or baby showers. If someone is celebrating, you can sneak in their yard and spell out a congratulations for all the

neighbors to see. These special balloons are long-lasting and will be the hit of any celebration.

Businesses can also benefit from using them. If you are running a sale in a specific department, you can guide your customers to the right place by spelling out the word SALE. Sporting events would also be the perfect time to use them. You can show your team spirit by carrying a couple balloons with your team’s initials. A creative boyfriend would melt his lover’s heart if he wrote out “Will you marry me” on her yard with silver balloons. Speaking of marriage, these shiny beauties would also be perfect to decorate a car for a new bride and groom.

Some of the silver balloons are small enough that they can be used as initials on floral arrangements or to tie to other small gifts. You can also use the little ones to spell out people’s names for a unique twist on place cards. Children also love these glittering letter balloons. If you have a child learning his alphabet, just think how much fun it would be to use inflatables as you talk about each letter. This is also a perfect idea for teachers with new readers. Phonics do not have to be boring if you have sparkling, silver balloon letters!

There are several party shops and online stores where you can purchase lettered balloons. They are a lot of fun and are more economical than custom-made signs and banners. They also add a special touch wherever you choose to place them. No matter what your color theme is, these novelties blend well and add sparkle to your tables or walls. The next time you want to celebrate or bring attention to something, consider using silver letter balloons. They are classy and fun at the same time! Read more

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